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Icon Progression Post - 2018

My journey with LJ starts with my creating an account on Livejournal finally after years of stalking this place without an account. So, my journey of Icon Making starts on April,2018 .
I started with Marvel fandom and Emma Watson, two of my all time favs. I experimented with some techniques so that I can learn.

Started using and experimenting more with strong rich colors, bold texture use. Hit some, miss some.

Posted two Icon updates , 1 on Star Wars ( Mostly Kylo Ren ), another on various actresses. Experiment with texture use continued, also started trying out different cropping styles.

This month saw me at my most productive self, with a lot of production! Mostly made icons on Marvel , along with Captain Jack Sparrow and a very cool ice cream update! I was struggling at times with texture use and also sharpening, sometimes hitting it n some times missing it

Tried a lot of things, some worked some didn't. Mostly made icons on various celebrities, and also some icons for various challenges for various communities, like 10in30, monthlyinspo, makiiing10in30 , episodes20in20etc. Also made lots of random icons.

Once again , a lot of Icons, mostly Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter and random icons for various Icontests .

My Halloween update was one of my highlight of my Icon-ing year as newbie, since it was a great success by my measure . Also, made HP , Captain Jack , Supernatural Pilot episode and Random icons mostly . Also, tried animated icons and been well received.

My Autumn was all about making random icons , with some Luther and Tangled icons for icontests.

Closed off the year with making 20 lyric based icons for monthlyinspo and 20 icons for American Horror Story Freak Show , some Star Wars and some HPverse icons. <3

Thanks for a great year!
All your likes, comments and feedbacks immensely helped.

Onwards to 2019 ! This year I want to use textures more skillfully , use more pastel and earthy tones , go deeper and intricate with composition. Make icons on more varied subjects , since I've noticed I've been making mostly on a few fandoms namely, Penny Dreadful, HP , Marvel and Star wars ! Here's hoping and wishing for a greatly creative and satisfactory year for my LJ family and myself.
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