Rainlover (magicrubbish) wrote,

Best of '19: Icon

Winning icon of 2019

Top 10 of my nominated icons.

Few interesting things I noticed.
1. 5 of the top 10 are stock icons.
2. Most of them negative space based icons.
3. Basically it means that my strong point still remains stock icons and my coloring.
4. My composition still sucks ! :D
5. Most of the top 10 icons have won in some or other contest or challenge , including the winner icon. So I'm not the least bit surprized.
5. Most of my favorite icons got royally ignored and didn't even got nominated ! I found it hilarious ! :D
6. I'll continue to plague the world with my crap composition undeterred and undaunted ! ;) :D

Tags: !2019

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