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#ICON UPDATE 56 - Vibrant vs. Muted coloring


10 icons of vibrant coloring + 10 icons of muted coloring
16 icons from Justice league , Batman vs Superman  + 4 icons from Breakfast at Tiffany's

So theme of Round 3 of somein30 was Vibrant Coloring vs Muted Coloring . The inspo post was gorgeous. You can check it here if you wish. I chose normal mode for my icons. 10 muted icons.

10 vibrant ones .

Fandoms - First 4 icons from Breakfast at Tiffany's , rest all are from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice , Justice League.

+Please feel free to take any if you like.
Credit will be very much appreciated.
++ Do not steal / repost etc.
+++ Feedback is most welcome. :)

Tags: !2020, movie: batman vs superman, movie: breakfast at tiffany's, movie: justice league

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