Rainlover (magicrubbish) wrote,

#Icon Update 58 - Memory Lane


On the month of  December at somein30 , round 4 was about a trip down the memory lane.
So , I've chosen to make icons from my older fandoms . They were not exactly linear of course , as I shuffled between fandoms , like any maker . But still I tried to maintain a timeline from my oldest fandoms. One icon each from a different fandom , that were oft repeated. I've skipped my recent or newer fandoms , for obvious reason. I'm a comparatively new icon maker , starting from April 2018 , so my memory trip is also not much long. In my initial days , I used to use lots of text , close crops, some textures , bright colorings , occasionally brown coloring in entire updates and also icon borders. Also, I always made a lot of stock icons , as they were my favorites. This time I've managed to make 19 icons, because of how hectic it has been this month. But still posting them anyways.
My iconing style has not changed much over time. But I'd like to believe or hope that I've learnt and improved quite a lot. :))

The vampire diaries LOTR BBC Sherlock Tangled
Penny Dreadful Michael Langdon Beauty & the beast Hannibal
Stranger things Snowwhite
& the
Shadowhunters Stock
Elizabeth Olsen Disney Castlevania

Let's see if I can add a few by tomorrow.

+ All icons are free to use , with credit.
++ Any suggestion / feedabck is most welcome.
+++ Maintain basic rules like no steal , reposting to other sites without permission etc.
++++ Happy holidays and an advanced happy new year to you and yours.

Tags: !2020, celebrity: elizabeth olsen, character: aragorn, character: belle, character: ben solo, character: harry potter, icon: stock, icons: disney, mmovie: beauty and the beast, movie: beauty and the beast, movie: harry potter, movie: lord of the rings, movie: marvel, movie: tangled before ever after, movie: the last jedi, tv series: ahs apocalypse, tv series: castlevania, tv series: hannibal, tv series: penny dreadful, tv series: shadowhunters, tv series: sherlock, tv series: stranger things, tv series: tangled, tv: sherlock

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