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#ICON UPDATE 60 - Moods of mind


20 icons from Misc. fandoms
Stranger things, The little Mermaid, Hannibal, Merlin, The crown, Enola Holmes, The Mandalorian, The turning , The Haunting of the Bly Manor .

This month of January , somein30 is hosting round 5: Atmosphere . Theme is to make icons of different moods. I chose the hard mode. And made icons of all 8 moods listed. For more details on the round , see the inspo post here.

Sense of wonder1 Sense of wonder2

The mandalorian , Merlin

serenity1 serenity2

The haunting of the Bly Manor , Merlin
Rustic1 Rustic2 Rustic3

Enola Holmes x2  , Merlin
romantic 1 romantic 2 romantic 3

The lIttle mermaid

mysterious 1 mysterious 2

Merlin , The untamed

aggression1 aggression2

Stranger things, The mandalorian

stress1 stress2 stress3

The turning x2 , Hannibal
somber1 somber2 somber3

The crown, Merlin x2

+ Usual rules apply - All icons are free to use with credit.
++ Do not steal etc, just the basic manners.
+++ Any feedback is most welcome..

Tags: disney icons, icon: disney, tv series: hannibal, tv series: merlin, tv series: stranger things, tv series: the crown

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