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50 icons for dailyicons-In progress

 So, I'm trying this new ( old ? ) community that has opened up, with awesome new prompts each day , which gives you two days to submit an icon based on the prompt . Very cool ! You can challenge yourself by taking up a specific subject or topic or you can keep it general and just follow the prompts. I've taken up a tentative 50 icons challenge , let's see how far I can make it . :D Join the community [community profile] dailyicons 

01:thoughtful 02:close up 03:fierce 04:profile 05:frame
06:hats 07:pretty 08:pretty 09:black&white 10:glasses
11:l Look down 12: Hand(s) 13:4 squares 14:Exhausted 15: hair
16: Red 17: Double 18: love 19: On the road 20: Hug
21: Danger 22: Faceless 23:stripes 24:Team 25:Paranormal
26: Sky 27: Food 28: Text 29:Work 30: evil
31: smug 32:Night 33: Hurt 34:dress up 35: Nature
36:fake bg 37: Romance 38:soft 39:off centre 40:cute
41: New 42: BW 43: 44: 45:
46: 47: 48: 49: 50:

Tags: dailyicons, icon, icon: disney, mmovie: beauty and the beast, movie: enola holmes, movie: harry potter, movie: high rise, tv series: daredevil, tv series: merlin, tv series: stranger things, tv series: the queen's gambit, tv series: the untamed, tv series: x-men anime

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